LearnGTK is moving to Programmica.

Programmica is a resource network for a range of programming and system administration materials. Alongside developing tutorials for GTK+, additional material will be available covering Qt, OpenGL and more.

Development will still continue on the GitHub page and contributions are more than welcome.

GTK+ is a cross-platform widget toolkit for creating graphical interfaces. The toolkit scales from the small, one task programs to large, complex applications, and provides the necessary framework for working in your favourite programming language.

This site aims to keep up-to-date documentation for language bindings, allowing anyone of any experience to utilise GTK+.

Python GTK+ 3 Tutorial

There are also PDF and LaTeX versions available for download.

Alternatively, tarballs for the HTML, source, and plain text copies can be found.

Contributions can be made at GitHub.

Pygtk Tutorial

A PDF version of the tutorial is available for download.

Source tarballs are available containing the LaTeX and HTML content.

The source can also be fetched from GitHub.


What is Introspection?

Resources and tutorials for programming with GTK+