GTK+ is a cross-platform widget toolkit for creating graphical interfaces. The toolkit scales from the small, one task programs to large, complex applications, and provides the necessary framework for working in your favourite programming language.

This site aims to keep up-to-date documentation for language bindings, allowing anyone of any experience to utilise GTK+.


The documentation is provided in numerous formats including HTML and PDF. A source tarball is provided which allows you to modify the source and build the HTML and PDF files yourself. An examples directory is also provided which contains all the sample code used throughout the tutorial. The Code Repository contains more sample code which perform slightly more advanced functions than the examples; and therefore fall outside the remit of the tutorial. Finally, the Git repository is hosted at gitorious.org.

PyGTK HTML PDF Source Examples Code Repository Git Repository
Python GTK3 HTML PDF LaTeX Text only Source Examples Code Repository
GTK+ HTML PDF Source Examples
Vala HTML PDF Source Examples

For a list of programs which use GTK+, use the applications page.
Find out about Gobject-Introspection affects GTK+ development for users of language bindings such as Python and C++.



If you would like to ask any questions or make any comments, feel free to email me at andrew@andrewsteele.me.uk.